Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breton style embroidery and beyond

I was skimming through  some pre 1900  New York Times newspaper articles  via googles Newspaper Archives  (my search keywords were "Embroidery design" )  and in one article was a mention of
Breton style embroidery.  I did not have a clue  what Breton style was   so  I began to google it
I think you can tell by now I'm addicted to googling.   My first stop was   Karen's Whimsy
where she had posted some Clip artshowing Breton Embroidery patterns.
So now I know Breton is a Celtic Embroidery style.
she mentioned the 1906 book
 "Styles of Ornament by Alexander Speltz"
as being  where she found the patterns   so then I googled the book title.  
and found some other  non embroidery designs from the book   at posted by origomi
Origomi  noted  an online location where the book can be found and read.
The University of Wisconsin's
Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture :Image and Text Collections

searching in their collection I find they also have some of

Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Magazines

Gustav was the founding designer of the Arts & Crafts Style.   

this Conventional design from Heminway Silk company  is typical of the Arts & Crafts style  

1915 Heminway  24

my want to read list just became Ohhh so much longer.
on a later google search I found out about the
Breton Embroidery stitch at
my friend Shari added this tidbit

A short word on Breton embroidery/lace as I know it they are monochromatic pieces and worked on top of netting. It is hard to find old examples of this because the netting deteriorates and generally was a weight bearing support for the needlework 

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