Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1897 Brainerd & Armstrong

1897  Brainerd & Armstrong
1897 Brainerd & Armstrong,
originally uploaded by Embroiderist.

I had just finished with all the torn pages and major stains
and was working on scanning & cleaning the interior pages
when Cornell University uploaded their copy. I am very happy to see it online for free. Its what I had intended to do with my copy. and I am sort of happy to stop working on mine and go on to another project. on the other hand tossing my work into the waste bin. sigh...

Cornell's copy is located at

Thursday, November 5, 2009

1902 MountMellic Embroidery

originally uploaded by Embroiderist.

this article is from my own collection and posted on my flickr account
if you got to look be search my photostream for the keywords
mountmellick. and you will also find some designs I have posted from various antique and vintage sources

I have not been very good at tagging my flickr uploads so if you browse my photostream feel free to use the add tags / keywords option
it would be a help to me if you do.

Mountmellick Embroidery - July 1903 Delineator

The other day someone was looking for
patterns and stitches for Mountmellick Embroidery
I posted a couple of things from my own collection
on my flickr account.  But this Article extracted from
GOOGLE BOOKS   I thought would also be of Interest
to anyone looking for vintage sources.

why I started this blog.

I started this blog as there were some embroidery images and links etc. I wanted to share.
unlike the forums and photo sites I participate in.  A blog I feel will be easier go to back and correct or re edit
and make additions.  In some of the other places I also was worried about the Tos or terms of sercvice rules
of images.  I do not know  how this will turn out.   the other blog I had started  had entries of a year or more apart, and most of the entries had nothing to do with why I started that one.  but what the hey.  that is typical of me I fear.   If an image is from my own personal collection then I most likely  will put it  on Flickr