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Belding 1900 201

Belding 1900 201
Belding 1900 201,
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a pretty but effective darning stitch embroidery  that was  known circa 1913 as Goeblin or Goblin. but it is not the same as what most people know today as Goeblin embroidery.
(modern Goeblin uses a vertical tapestry stitch that completely covers the background fabric  where this style requires open spaces)

the background shapes are tinted (painted) on the linen then covered in straight darning like stitches. The shades of floss matching the tinting of the fabric beneath. the figures covered with the darning like stitches are then outlined in black floss. the covering stitches are unlike darning stitches as the fabric is caught up at irregular intervals. but like darning stitches the threads are sewn in a straight line.
Gobelin Tapestries which this type of darning embroidery mimics were manufactured in France, starting in the 15th century

I have been trying to think of a modern way to make this. I think the fabric transfer paper they make for printers would work for the back ground shading. or perhaps just trace the outline and use fabric paint to tint the fabric. if anyone trys this let me know what works.

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